09 AM | 13 Oct

What is a Kindle?

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A Kindle is a device made by a company called Amazon. Amazon originally started out as on online book store before starting to sell DVD’s and CD’s. Since then their business has grown and either from Amazon directly, or other companies selling through their store, you can pretty much buy anything.

What is a Kindle used to be relatively straightforward to answer because it was an electronic device that you could read books on. Now the question What is a Kindle is far more complex to answer. There are two main types of Kindle device. There is an e-reader which can be used for reading books on. There is also a tablet which can be used for reading books, surfing the internet, watching movies, listening to show and podcasts, playing apps and a whole host of other things.

Why buy an e-reader?

The main reason is cost because until recently the e-readers where significantly cheaper than the tablets. Amazon has just launched an entry level tablet that is the same price as an entry level e-reader, so price is not as much a factor as it used to be. The e-reader also has a better screen which is designed exclusively for reading books on, it is a pure delight to use. When reading for long periods of time on a computer screen or tablet the light can cause fatigue and soreness in your eyes. An e-reader doesn’t suffer from the same problem, this is because it uses a different type of technology to generate the text on the screen. It also has a very clever way of generating light so it’s possible to read in the dark without any glare. It uses a special type of screen technology called e-ink whereas tablets use an LCD screen. An e-reader is extremely light and portable, which are two major factors when deciding to buy an e-reader.

The latest Kindle line to be added to the lineup is the Kindle Voyage. They have upped the screen resolution to a whopping 300 pixels per inch, this means that the Kindle Voyage has the best quality screen, of any e-reader on the market.

The compare different Kindles check out this Kindle comparison chart